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A note from Kirsty, founder & director of Simply You Counselling & Training

Hi, welcome to my website.

Let me tell you about my passion and experience of working in this area of work, and why I want to support people therapeutically, and also train people in mental health awareness.

After working in a different role quite a few years ago, I met a young girl. She was a beautiful little girl with big curly locks. She had been frightened to walk into the building that I was working in. I later found out why, she had been very traumatised from an event that had happened in her life to make her now frightened of going into buildings.

After talking to and reassuring her, she and her parent finally came into the building with me. Over the next few months, this little girl had a number of therapy sessions, and I saw her eventually run into that building. She was smiling and giggling, like a weight had been lifted from her little shoulders. I saw that she was able to be happy again. This really stayed with me, and I still think of her today.

My work now focuses on supporting adults.

After years of voluntary work; supporting different groups of people through my work and study, this included working with families, offenders, and vulnerable adults in various therapeutic settings, I then went on to qualify as a person centred counsellor.

I further gained more experience thereafter in companies such as NHS, Wellbeing Charities and other similar organisations.

I love doing what I do, and have also had my own unfortunate experiences of bereavement, which then took me on my own therapeutic journey.

Now here I am, hoping to support others in the best way that I can.

Mental Health Training

Part of my work is not only to support people in therapy, but also to support organisations to best help employees and colleagues to have better mental health within the workplace.

Previously working as a Teacher / Assessor, using my skills and experience from working in areas such as mental health, bereavement charities and corporate businesses, I trained staff and volunteers, as well as delivered training in different settings, on a wide range of subject areas.

I decided to now set up my own business to help support employers, to best help employees with mental health awareness.

I hope you enjoy the website as much as I did making it!

Why not use the ‘contact’ page to contact me about the support or training I could offer you or your business.

Thank you


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